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“Sweat trickled down the boy’s face. His stomach tightened into a hard knot.

Muddy water lapped against the boat,swaying it gently. Warm air hung heavy with the sweet scent of flowers. Bullfrogs croaked their songs; dragonflies darted around him.

Today was the day the boy had waited for. Would he be big enough, would he be strong enough, would he be brave enough?”

In this dramatic coming-of-age story, a boy confronts his fears and learns from his ailing grand-father the secrets of the swamp.

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From School Library Journal:

Grade 2-4-A poignant coming-of-age story as well as an excellent depiction of an intergenerational relationship tinged with sadness for the loss to come. A young boy and his dying grandfather make a special trip into the swamp to visit the old man’s alligator friend, “Ole Boots,” whom he had saved from poachers years before. The child learns to feed the reptile raw chicken from the boat using a long pole and, despite his uncertainties and fears, accomplishes the difficult task. Together, grandfather and grandson watch Ole Boots return to her nest and then turn toward home, content that the torch has been passed, and that the new “keeper of the swamp” will try his best to protect the wildlife, as his grandfather did before him. The illustrations are a mix of oils and computer-generated art that lend the double-page spreads a brilliant sheen. This is a story that has many strengths. An epilogue offers interesting facts on both alligators and swamps.
Judith Constantinides, East Baton Rouge Parish Main Library, LA 
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Co-Author: Gene-Michael Higney
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The big angel streaked across the stars toward the two little angels, who were tangled up fussing.

Arin stopped tussling with Avery and said, “Uh-oh! Let me GO! Sarge is coming!”

But the big angel got there before they could untangle themselves. Sarge looked down, earrings jingling, and said with a sigh, “Arin, take your foot out of Avery’s mouth. Now, Avery? Let go of Arin’s halo. Thank you.”

The two rumpled little angels stuck their tongues out at each other while Sarge said, “In Heaven, we all get along!”

Avery crinkled his nose and answered , “Me and Erin don’t!”


Arin and Avery are forever fighting. Even Sarge, the head angel, can’t make them behave. But when they accidentally spill stardust and it cascades toward earth, they face real trouble for the first time, and have to learn to work together.

“Stardusters is a hilarious, offbeat story with a great message.” — The Reader’s Edge

“These unconventional angels are just like little boys, full of mischief, funny and good at heart.” — Ben Franklin Award winner Elissa Al-Chokhachy, author of The Angel with the Golden Glow

“enchanting” — San Marino Tribune

“excellent, a lot of fun for young readers ” — Bookviews

“exquisitely illustrated” — Mid Valley News

…amazing mixed-media illustrations are remarkably original. A treat to the eye, this whimsical, marvelous children’s book [is] highly recommended! – WordWeaving

61CGTVY5K6L._SY420_BO1,204,203,200_Co-Author: Gene-Michael Higney
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Are you ready to explore the wonders of the undersea world?

With my five legs
(or sometimes more),
I crawl across the ocean floor.
The sky at night
holds shapes like me
except I live beneath the sea.

Who am I?


(a sea star)

Through puzzling and fact-filled riddles written in verse, you can examine and discover the unique and interesting creatures that live in Earth’s vast oceans and seas.

But watch out-you could learn a lot from a book like this!