Gene-Michael Higney

Gene-Michael Higney was born in Brooklyn but is now an ex-New Yorker, transplanted (sort of like a potted fern) from the Big Apple to the Big Orange, Los Angeles. He writes fiction, horror stories, and novellas, as well as bizarre humor and satire pieces for anyone brave enough to accept them. When not writing horror stories, he also co-writes children’s books, so he doesn’t get much in the way of cross-over fans. (His children’s books, co-written with Ann Garrett include: FINS AND FLIPPERS, SCALES AND NIPPERS, PEANUT BUTTER BBQ, MISS HISS IS MISSING, PRACTICAL YOKE, STARDUSTERS, TALES OF TAILS, WHAT’S FOR LUNCH?, and WHAT’S FOR DINNER?) Gene-Michael also does film script doctoring (“Turn your page and cough!”) and edits other people’s books (sometimes with their permission). If they are not odd before he gets hold of them, they will be afterward.

Gene-Michael Higney is the author of HORRORIFIC, HORRORIFIC 2, HORRORIFIC 3 and HORRORIFIC 4 as well as WHAT’S SO FUNNY?, Learning English Through Laughter. He has published frequently in the adult short fiction, horror and humor markets. Gene-Michael has been published in ALTERNATE REALITIES, AT THE BRINK OF MADNESS, BLOODREALMS, CEMETARY DANCE, FLESH & BLOOD, DEAD OF NIGHT, GENRE, HODZ and STRANGEWOOD TALES. His novella, COMES THE NIGHT WIND COLD AND HUNGRY appears the anthology THE BEST OF CEMETERY DANCE, and was optioned for a movie. Gene-Michael has also published e-stories in zines such as JACKHAMMER, THEGRIMORE, ANOTHER REALM, FRIGHTNET, and SHYFLOWER’S GARDEN. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for Literature.

Gene-Michael Higney passed away in 2003. His writing lives on. 3 2 4

Nancy Goodell

Nancy was born in a small town in Nebraska. She, along with her sister and brother spent hours climbing trees, playing hide-and-seek, riding bikes, and roller skating, keeping busy from morning until bedtime. When she was in high school, her youngest sister was born. She then had her first experience with hands-on care and participation in the growth and development of a young child.

This became a focus for a lifelong commitment to children and families. Her training in Education, Therapy, and Temperament Research supported her goals to work with children, especially those facing challenges. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Dance and Movement Therapy.

Her work spans 40 years in rural, urban, and international settings. Populations have included children, ages one through fourteen, with learning disabilities, chronic physical illnesses, emotional disturbances, behavioral disorders, and those who just face the challenges of daily life in our complex world.

Nancy has been a teacher, therapist, trainer, and program director in multi-cultural preschools, elementary schools, day care programs, hospital settings, and residential treatment facilities. She has designed and implemented therapeutic education programs that integrate educational and psychotherapeutic principles.

Her approach addresses cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral aspects of growth and development all aimed at supporting resilient children, effective communication, productive classrooms, and healthy families.

Nancy is the author of TLC FOR FRAZZLED KIDS, Helping Grown Ups Help Kids and HELP FOR FRAZZLED MOMS, A Practical Guide for Surviving Those tough Years. These were co-written with Ann Garrett, a behavior management specialist and children’s author. They are inspired by their contact with teachers, parents, and all those who live and work with children.

Nancy lives in Southern California with her white lab, Gracie. They both love visits from her five grandchildren.