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Zachary Taylor Todd watched uneasily as his Dad flipped a huge thick t-bone steak high up into the air over the grill.

“Dad?” Zachary asked, “Why is it our barbecues always start with steak and end up with peanut butter sandwiches?”

His little brother Jeremy also eyed the flying steak sadly. “I’m gonna have my sandwich with grape jelly.”

“Now boys,” Mrs. Todd chimed in from where she stood at the back door. “Give your father a chance. Last time our barbecue was almost… a… barbecue.”
Zachary said, “Uh, Mom? Last time we had to call the fire department.”
Jeremy added, “And the time before that –”

“Now Jeremy John,” Mom interrupted, “that tornado wasn’t your father’s fault.”

The Todd family wants to have a barbecue… just once. Will they finally be able to? Or, will a furry steak bandit foil their plans?

This wild romp can be enjoyed by children and adults and will certainly cause you to have a laugh… and maybe even a peanut butter barbecue.

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The entire class jumped as the substitute teacher, with her hair wound up in a tight bun, blew through the door like a hurricane. She marched to the front of the classroom and with a voice like a tuba she announced, “My name is Miss Priscilla P. Pearce. Your regular teacher, Miss Hursh, is ill. Today, you belong to me.”

What do you do when your substitute teacher is a mean as a snake and the the classroom one is missing? Things get crazy, that’s what!

This “short but sweet” wild romp will make you laugh and possibly give you a few good ideas if you ever meet up with someone like “Fierce Pearce”.

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Jeremy John’s eyes were wide with delighted surprise. In between annoying little brother giggles he pointed a mocking finger at Zachary and snorted, “Brave big brother…scared of a rubber bat with a thread in its behind.” Then, he rolled over on his back and laughed some more.

“You didn’t scare me for a minute,” Zachary grumped up at his brother, while eyeing the bobbing bat resentfully.

“Oh, right!” gasped Jeremy.  “You sure sounded not scared.”  Then Jeremy did a very good imitation of Zachary’s howl: “‘Don’t let it get you, Molly, it’s a vampire bat!’  Whoo-ee, I got you good!”

What is worse than falling for a practical joke? Being pranked by your annoying little brother in front of your best friend, that’s what! So, when Zachery plots his revenge the “prank wars” are on. That is until something goes incredibly wrong and the ultimate practical joke does not hit its intended target.

This final installment in, Those Odd Todd’s, will leave you wanting more. Funny… Fast paced… Another wild romp!