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Co-Author: Gene-Michael Higney

What's For Lunch What's For Dinner Tales of Tails

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Munch, munch!
Crunch, crunch!
What’s everyone
having for lunch

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Catch it, snatch it,
take a bite!
What’s on the menu
for dinner tonight?

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They swish and wag.
They pat and bend.
The tails in here
are the absolute end!


Pull down the flaps in this bright, playful, oversize book and find out what an elephant and other animals have for lunch–and the messes they make eating
it! The jaunty, rhyming text and the bold, quirky illustrations are sure to make this title a read-aloud favorite–especially right before lunch.


A parade of adorable animal characters introduce themselves and then invite readers to lift tail-shaped flaps to see what their different tails do.


This jolly and colorful flap book answers the popular question “What’s for dinner?” with some surprising answers–mouths open wide to reveal a fly, if you’re a frog, or maybe a mouse, if you’re a cat!


From Library Journal:

PreSchool-K-This oversized pull-the-flap book tells youngsters what pandas, monkeys, and other animals eat for lunch. A rhyme describes the food on one page; opposite it is a large, brightly colored illustration of the animal covering its mouth. It appears as if the creature is hiding a smile, but pulling the flap reveals that it is actually devouring its meal. The rhymes are simple, humorous, and appealing. “This fuzzy, furry, friendly rabbit/has a very well-known habit./Breakfast, dinner, snack, or lunch,/a carrot’s what he loves to crunch.” Each page is a vivid wash of a single background color that makes the featured animal stand out. The last page shows a small child making a mess of eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The size of the book, the bold illustrations, and its humor make it an excellent addition to storytime collections as well as for home enjoyment.
Sheilah Kosco, Rapides Parish Library, Alexandria, LA
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