Does good always triumph?

The commanding wizard Ragnar wages fierce combat against the Dark God and his hoard of half-beasts. Leading a small band of warriors, they struggle to defend what is left of their towns and villages.

The Dark God has a cunning scheme involving Ragnar’s son: capture the son and you destroy the father. All nations will fall and be under the Dark God’s tyrannical spell. But, Ragnar possesses the Sword of Light… will this be enough to save them?

In the battle of good vs. evil does good always win?

Book Trailer:


Lifting up the hilt of the Sword toward the sun, Ragnar began reciting the holy words. The golden crossbar grew warm in his hand and began glowing and pulsing with a fire that radiated from within it. As Ragnar continued speaking the ancient words, above the Sword’s hilt barely visible rays of light blossomed out of the air and drew brightness from the sun. What was first a shimmering glow became a column of yellow-white undulating light that then began to take the form of a dazzling weapon, beautiful beyond description.

“…Born of the Sun… from Sun descended…
…Light from Light by Good defended…
…Be formed again and never ended…
…Wield Your might that we, befriended
…by Your holy strength may defeat the Foe
and drive him to his realm Below.”

What Readers Are Saying:

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 9.35.53 PM An Epic Fantasy

“War of the Dark God is a treat for lovers of old school fantasy! The story of Ragnar against the Dark God visually engages the reader and compels you to turn the page. Ragnar is an endearing protagonist who you root for throughout the story. His relationship with his adopted son is one to be emulated. While not religious, the book contains a spiritual element. I highly recommend this book!”

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 9.35.53 PM Now that Game of Thrones is over…

“I am also familiar with Gene-Michael’s writings, so was pleasantly surprised to see this new offering. It’s rare to find a book that you lose yourself in, but more importantly, I think the author does a better job capturing the struggle between true good and true evil. I would like to see this made into HBO’s new series… who knows?”

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 9.35.53 PM Grippng and Satisfying

“Beautifully written, this is an archetypal fantasy that fits easily into the category of myth. The images will remain in your imagination, as will the main characters. War of the Dark God speaks to our own times in the way that stories of the battle between good and evil always do. Terrific read.”